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After 15 years in business, we understand that the Heating and Air guy is not the first person you want to call in the middle of the night, over the holidays or on the weekend. 

That is why we specialize in comprehensive maintenance and service plans for our Residential and Commercial clients.   Regular filter changes and inspections helps ensure that your HVAC system is performing at its best and it helps make sure that any issues are resolved before they become an expensive problem. 

We also offer several products designed to make your living space more comfortable and safe...products like carbon monoxide systems.

And, if you do happen to find yourself without heat in the winter or A/C in the summer, call us anytime day or night.  We’ll get you running again, and one of our maintenance plans will help ensure your homes comfort isn’t compromised in the future.

What you NEED to know about heating & cooling:

  1. Be careful! Gas and heating systems have the potential for carbon monoxide leaks, a dangerous problem that is often undetected until it’s too late. Have a fire alarm? Get a carbon monoxide alarm too!
  2. There are three basic types of air conditioners: Central Air, Split System & Window Units
  3. Heating and cooling systems are classified as central or local. Central systems produce hot or cold air and dispense it throughout the house. Local systems heat or cool the immediate area around them.
  4. Duct free systems are a great choice for rooms where air ducts are impractical.

GP Systems & Carrier make your home cozy!

We’ve found that our customers care about year round comfort and low utility bills. So, instead of rambling about how great we are at forced air, geothermal and radiant HVAC, we want you to know this:

Your heating and cooling systems determines if your family is comfortable. It determines if humidity is controlled or destructive. It affects your bank account and the environment…for good or bad.

Is your air ideal?

VentilatorHomes are constructed more tightly than ever. While that’s great for heating costs…it presents opportunities for poor ventilation and air quality. Too humid, too dry, too dusty…these are excesses you don’t want! Bill, Tony and the rest of the GP Systems team are experts at ventilation, humidity control and clean air filtration. Call us and breathe deep… you’ll feel refreshed!

You can have HOT showers without wasting money!

Boiler 1Our team has decades of experience in making boilers and water heaters run efficiently. We’d love to help you get the most out of your current system. If you need a new system, our installation and planned maintenance programs ensure lasting comfort and energy savings.

Commercial solutions…right the first time

As a commercial general contractor or property manager, we know you want reliable work, done on budget and with no hold-ups. We hate those things too...and we really hate back charges.

With our commercial expertise in HVAC and duct systems, you can relax knowing we’re one sub you won’t have to worry about.

GeothermalGeothermal Energy in the ground can be used to provide your home with year round comfort that is environmentally sustainable and cost effective. 

GP Systems installs, services and supports all Carrier Geothermal Systems and products, including: 

  • Water-to-Air Series (two-staged and single-staged packaged, and two-stage split) 
  • Water-to-Water Series 
  • Zone control systems 
  • Radiant systems 

Geothermal is a great option for many of our clients. Together, we can determine if Geothermal makes sense for your home. 

Architectural Sheet MetalFor clients looking to add an artistic or personal touch, we are pleased to offer Ornamental Architectural Sheet Metal for your residential or commercial property.

From Contemporary to Historic applications, we’ve crafted durable, beautiful custom cornices and cupolas, copper roofing and gutter systems, and other accent pieces.  

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